Pizzeria Barbarella


This past weekend our friends Katie & Shane took us for beer and pizza after we helped them moved into their new place. This was my first visit to Pizzeria Barbarella located in East Vancouver and their favorite pizza spot in the area. It was a nice cozy restaurant with local art hung on the wall; they have craft beer and you can see the chef spinning the pizza dough in the open kitchen.

I ordered the Fuggles & Warlock craftworks the last strawberry wit beer, it had aromas of strawberry and citrus. I can taste both hints of strawberry and citrus but it was not overly sweet like other beers, I didn’t mind it all and thought it was pretty good for a fruity type beer.

All the pizzas featured on the menu are individual pizzas made with organic ingredients and bake in a thin crust. I ordered the Balboa – tomato, hot pepper sauce, bocconcini, aged mozzarella, spicy salametti, house-made pancetta, hot capocollo, cremini mushrooms, red onion, grana padano. This was a pretty amazing pizza, lots of flavor from all the different types of meat to pack a real punch. My only complaint about this particular pizza is that it can be very spicy depending on which part you bite into it, this is partially from the pepper seeds.

Great beer, amazing pizza. I would definitely go back to try the other types of pizza. Thanks Katie & Shane!