Japanese Curry

Lately I been really digging japanese curry, japanese curry is unlike thai curry or indian curry it’s almost like a gravy base sauce. Glico curry was recommended by my friend Dave; that’s his favorite brand. So I decided to try both the Glico and the S&B brands of japanese curry to see what the difference between the two were.

Both of these curries are very simple to make, first choose the vegetables and meat then cook vegetables and meat in water first, once the meat is almost cooked added the curry in and continue to stir and simmer on low heat. It’s a quick and easy meal if you don’t have time to cook. I tried both chicken and beef with it and they both taste great with rice. In the photo above I just used carrots and chicken thighs pieces.

I preferred the Glico brand over the S&B mainly because the S&B is a bit more spicy and kind of reminds me of this indian curry I once had. Glico curry has a smooth silky taste to it compare to S&B which I find more robust in flavor. Both are rich in flavor and you can’t go wrong with putting whatever types of meat and vegetables you like in it, here’s a tip if you are using beef; stew beef chunks works the best in this type of curry. Both curries can be purchase in any local asian supermarket like TnT supermarket.


Japanese potato snacks


One of my girlfriend’s co-worker recently visited Japan and brought a bunch of these potato snackĀ  back with her. Jaga Pokkuru, Hokkaido Premium Potato. From first glance they look like those veggie straws you can purchase at Costco and I thought it would taste something similar to them. To my surprise they weren’t anything like I expected, it actually feels and taste like you are eating a french fry but in a chip form. Each individual stick is very dense just like a potato. It kinda of has that hickory sticks flavor to it. Props to Japan for creating this.